1. Go inside the clubhouse and approach the counter.
  2. Let the clerk know that you are a new shooter and new to the facility.
  3. They will provide you with safety instructions sheets to read and a safety video to watch.
  4. After reading the safety instructions, return to the counter. The clerk will have a Range Officer go over safety instructions, safe gun handling, types of firearms, how to operate the gun, and rules of the facility.
  5. The Range Officer will recommend a game the customer and appropriate ammunition.
  6. The Range Officer then shows the customer how to sign up at the counter for trap, skeet or 5-stand. The shooter's name is entered on a score sheet and then marked to show the Range Officer that he/she is a new shooter. The new shooter is then instructed to have a seat and wait until his/her name is called before proceeding outside with appropriate gun and ammunition.
  7. The Range Officer will call the new shooter when a field is ready.
  8. The Range Officer will work closely with the shooter, insuring safe procedures are being followed and teaching the new shooter how to use the firearm, the basics of the game, and safe operation of the firearm.